Classes are held at Citizens Tactical Unit~Firearms Training Academy at 207 N. State Street, Geneseo, IL 61254. Maps and directions are at the bottom of the page. We offer several Classes, but the IL. CCW Class consists of two 8 hr Classes  on our Indoor Range.

The 1st Class shoots 50rds / 2nd Class shoots 100rds

For concealed carry contact 309-944-7774


ISAQCA's ***CTU*** offering you a $10.00 - $250.00 Discount on Official NRA Membership

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FIREARMS POLICE / Security / PI & Private Citizen                              



Citizens Tactical Unit


No Excuse for Failure to Train ~ No Substitute for Experience


Firearms Instructors Are Not Created Equal

Though their fundamentals have similar roots, it is their experiences that set them apart. The ***CTU*** Instructor Tim Barton leads the industry with 28yrs of experience employed as a Law Enforcement Agent, Firearms Instructor/Trainer and Hostage Negotiator. Any simple training course can qualify Private Citizens to receive a government issued Concealed Firearm Permit. Notably, through the ***CTU*** you can arm yourself with the tools and skills necessary to protect you and your loved ones. Lacking in these skills provides an avenue for the Private Citizen to violate the Use of Force/Deadly Force Laws; thus in the event of protecting your loved ones, you may become the criminal!!!

Being arrested/convicted/serving Jail or Prison time is absolutely avoidable with the proper training. There is no Excuse for Failure to Train and no Substitute for Experience!

*Classes for All Ages / Men & Women / Boys & Girls*

*Special Needs Student Classes Offered* 

*Range, Ammo & Guns Available*

$$$ Compare the Value $$$

For more info & Special Discounts please call Tim at 309-944-7774


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Personal Concealed Carry -CCW-

  • Private Citizen
  • Personal Self Defense
  •     basic
  •     advanced


  • Police
  • Security
  • Private Detective
Become Certified in the basics or enhance your skills beyond your Agency's minimum requirements! 

Training From Youth...
..To Elderly


NRA Certified Training: Click on course below for descriptions

*NRA FIRST Steps Pistol Orientation

*NRA Home Firearm Safety Course

*NRA Basic Pistol Shooting Course

*NRA Basic Personal Protection In The Home Course

*NRA Basics of Personal Protection Outside The Home Course

*NRA Advanced Personal Protection Outside The Home Course


"If we are not trained to respond to a particular situation we will react in a most regretful manner"


Private Detective / Investigator >Click on icon below for more info<
Become a Private Detective / Investigator
Enhance Your Current Level of Skill
Body Guard / Security >Click on icon below for more information<
MARTIAL ARTS >Click on icon below for more information<

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  • "Very Nice Course. Well Presented. "Real Life" Events relative to Gun Safety and discipline are extremely valuable"
    Concealed Carry Firearms Student
  • "The instructor was very patient with his explanations; he took all the time we needed. The repetition and hands-on was extremely valuable. I would recommend these classes to any..."
    NRA Personal Protection In The Home Student
  • "Anyone with a firearm in their home needs this course!"
    NRA Personal Protection In The Home Student

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