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  • Police
  • Security
  • Personal
  • Professional
  • Law Enforcement
  • Firearms Certification
  • Private Investigator Training
  • Personal Protection Specialist
  • Professional Protection Specialist


Assisting LEOs
Active Duty
Firearms Proficiency 

If you, your partner or you are aware of an Officer/Agent who is a boarder-line shooter and stands in need of assistance to improve their Situational Shooting Skills ***CTU*** can and will qualify your skill level above your Agency's Standards:


  • Law Enforcement Situations
  • Getting Over The Hump
  • Shooting Incidents
  • Freezing Up
  • Hesitations
  • Insecurity
  • Facilitated Communication Mediation

 I.R.O.C.C. TRANSITION from Law Enforcement to CCW Citizen 




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Firearms Certification Training Academy



State of Illinois Firearms Owner Identification Card



Firearm Training Certification as Required by the

State of Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulations 

Pursuant to the provisions of the Private Detective, Private Alarm,  Private Security, Fingerprint Vendor, and Locksmith Act of 2004.


 This Training is Honored by the State of Iowa for:



Concealed Carry 

For concealed carry contact 309-944-7774


Equipment Needed:

  • Revolver / Semi Automatic Pistol
  • Holster
  • 2 Speed Loaders / Magazines with Case
  • 200 Rounds Ammunition
  • Eye Protection
  • Ear Protection

40 Hour Firearm Training Certification


  • The Law of Arrest, Search & Seizure
  • Civil & Criminal Liability Acts
  • The Use of Force
  • Arrest and Control Techniques
  • The Elements of Offenses Under the Criminal Code of 1961 Directly Related to the Protection of Persons & Property
  • The Law on Private Police & on Reporting to Law Enforcement Agencies
  • Fire Prevention, Fire Equipment & Fire Safety
  • The Service of Process & Report Writing
  • Human & Public Relations
  • Double Action Shooting
  • Combat Shooting
  • Positioning
  • Distances
  • Range Rules
  • Written Exam
  • State of Illinois PERC & FCC
  • State of Iowa FAQ/A SF2379 of 2010 





Private Investigator Training Academy


Private Investigator Training

Enroll in the Full Class, study by the Workshop or request

Specialized Specific Training


 ISAQCA Training Academy

 Professional Private Investigator Training Program;

Apply Here For The State of Illinois PERC Number: 




Equipment Needed:


·       Digital Camera

·       Video Camera

·       Binoculars

·       Text Books: TBA

·       Successful Completion of the Firearms Certification

·       Reliable Vehicle


Course Outline:


·      Basic 40 hr Firearms Certification

·      Basic Camera

1.   F-stop

2.   Shutter Speed

3.   ISO

4.   Full Field of View

·       Private Investigations History / Introduction

·       Professional Private Investigator

·       Information Techniques

·       Interviews

·       Surveillance

·       Infidelity

·       Background Investigations

·       Keeping Records / Reports

·       Skip Tracing

·       Investigating Records

·       Interview / Interrogation Techniques

·       Stationary Surveillance

·       Moving Surveillance

·       Advance Techniques

·       Electronic Surveillance

·       Evidence

·       Lawful Authority

·       Liability

·       Ruse, Impersonation, and Obstruction

·       Surveillance: Stalking, Trespass, & Invasion of Privacy

·       Subpoena

·       Eavesdropping

·       Still Photo & Video Recording

·       Tracking Devices

·       Polygraph

·       Arrest Authority

·       Search & Seizure

·       Warrant / Consent

·       Warrant / Plan View

·       Warrant / Open Fields & Unprotected Areas

·       Warrant / Abandoned Property

·       Warrant / Search to Arrest

·       Warrant / Exigent Circumstances

·       Warrant / Automobile Exception

·       Warrant / Terry Stop & Frisk

·       Warrant / Closed Containers

·       Warrant / Administrative Searches  

   Professional Protection Specialist "Bodyguard" Training Academy



                   Personal Protection Specialist Training Academy

ISAQCA Training Academy

Defensive Tactics

Kung Fu Grand Master John Morrow

seventh degree black belt


Doctorate of Martial Arts Philosophy and Martial Arts Science

University of Asian Martial Arts Studies


 Guinness Book of World Records”


Ripley's Believe It Or Not:

 “The Remarkable Revealed”


Morrow's Academy of Martial Arts

1321 5th Ave. Moline.






Personal Protection Specialist 


Personal Protection Specialist Training:

 Training designed for the layperson who desires to acquire the skills to protect themselves and their family!


Enroll in the Full Class, study by the Workshop or request Specialized Specific Training




 Equipment Needed:

  • Revolver / Semi Automatic Pistol
  • Holster
  • 2 Speed Loaders / Magazines with Case
  • 200 Rounds Ammunition
  • Eye Protection
  • Ear Protection

Course Outline: 

·       40-hour Basic Firearms Certification Program 

·       Control and Escort Defensive Tactics

·       Advanced Handcuffing

·       Tactical Shooting

·       Weapon Retention Techniques

·       Verbal Judo

·       Edged Weaponry

·       Threat Assessment

·       Stalkers

·       Sensitive Situations

·       Travel Procedures

·       Electronic Equipment

·       Explosives

·       Unarmed Defensive Techniques

·       Emergency Medical Training

1.    CPR

2.    AED

3.    Allergies

4.    Reactions

5.    Poison

·       Briefing / Debriefing

·       Crisis Management

·       Special Events

·       Protocols

·       Law & You

·       Investigative Skills

1.   Crime Scene

2.   Lower Liability

·       Holiday / Seasonal Issues

1.   Shopping

2.   Family / Associations

3.   Holiday Issues

Professional Division - Firearm Training »  Scroll Down

Please Note: The video quality is poor – this is not a professional recording. This was recorded live at the event – this is not staged –

*** IT IS REAL ***

  DEA Agent Lee Paige will not be remembered as one of our Nations Heroes of Law Enforcement - His true accomplishments will not be found on the internet nor his dedication of risking his life to defend us citizens from the criminal element; but we will find the 10 seconds of a human error that anyone of us can make. I salute you Agent Paige and I post this not to humiliate you but to seek out the blessing in disguise of this unfortunate incident - to take a most unfortunate event and to learn and to teach others; I guess what I am saying is even in this Agent's most difficult moment he continues to protect lives. Let us all learn from this - if a highly trained Law Enforcement Agent can make a deadly error what could happen to one who has not received training. As a Firearm Trainer watching this video it clearly appears to me that this Agent did exactly what he was trained to do; that muscle memory took over at the wrong time. After a Law Enforcement Agent clears their weapon they are trained to point it down, (in a safe direction - not at their foot) and on a Glock since there is no de-cocking lever, they are trained  to pull the trigger to prep the pistol for break down. 

   ISAQCA's ***CTU*** trains beyond the norm and anticipates the unexpected. If the DEA Agent was trained in a proper manor for presentations this 10 second incident never would of happened and this Agent would of went onto retirement with honors. Agent Paige my heart goes out to you for as a professional trainer I know this can happen to anyone; to fall victim to Fail to Train - I can clearly see you did exactly what your department trainer taught you to do! 

   Carrying a Firearm is serious business!!! Training is crucial to your and others safety. ISAQCA's ***CTU***  prides ourselves in preparing our students in total safety!!!   




ISAQCA's ***CTU*** offering you a $10.00 Discount on

Official NRA Membership



Citizens Tactical Unit


No Excuse for Failure to Train ~ No Substitute for Experience








    For concealed carry contact 309-944-7774

Timothy James Barton



Professional Experience

Investigative Services Agency of the Quad City Area  

           Citizens Tactical Unit - Firearms Training Academy 

207 N. State Street

Geneseo, Illinois 61254


Title: Chief



Department of Justice 

United States Marshal Services

Davenport, Iowa

Title: Contract District Security Officer



Brown Mackie College

Bettendorf, Iowa Campus

Title: Instructor of Criminal Justice



Chicago Street Photography

207 N. State Street

Geneseo, Illinois 61254

Title: Forensic Photographic Consultant



State of Illinois Department of Corrections 28 years Service ~Retired~

1301 Concordia Court

Springfield, Illinois 62792-19277

Title: Senior Parole Agent

Served in:

  • Special Intensive Supervision Unit
  • Sex Offender Unit

Title: Hostage Negotiator: NeMaT – State Wide Team: Instructor / Trainer

Title: Firearms Range Instructor / Trainer

Title: Training Coordinator

State of Illinois Department of Corrections

- Office of the Chief Chaplain -

1301 Concordia Court

Springfield, Illinois 62792-19277

Title: Board Adviser

State of Illinois Department of Corrections - Juvenile Division

P.O. Box 550

Warrenville, Illinois 60555

Title: Supervisor III



Central Area Police - Maywood

921 S. Ninth Avenue

Maywood, Illinois 60153

Title: Police Officer (Gang Unit)



Illinois Auxiliary Police

P.O. Box 801

Addison, Illinois 60101

Title: Sergeant of Police



Chang's Hapkido Academy

230 S. Main Street

Lombard, Illinois 60148

Title: Instructor




National Louis University

2840 Sheridan Road

Evanston, Illinois 60201

Degree: Bachelor of Arts

Applied - Behavioral Science

Business Management



College of Dupage

22nd Street and Lambert

Glen Ellyn, Illinois 60137

Certificate: Human Services



Department of Police

Cook County

Berkeley, Illinois 60137

Training: Internship: Police Policies and Procedures; 200 hours



Illinois Law Enforcement Training & Standards Board

Training: FBI Instruction


Criminal Sexuality

Stress Management

Criminal Psychology

Hostage Negotiations

Psychological Profiling

Sex Exploitation of Children



ILETSB : Firearms Range Instructor



Crestwood Police Department

13840 South Cicero Avenue

 Crestwood, Illinois 60445

Training: Policies and Procedures


Traffic Stops

Juvenile Law

Criminal Law


Constitutional Law

Juvenile Court Act

Interviewing Skills

Death Notifications

Search and Seizure

Crimes in Progress

Courtroom Procedures

Police Medical Response

Handling Difficult People


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