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Citizens Tactical Unit


No Excuse for Failure to Train ~ No Substitute for Experience




Confusion is nothing more than a State of Mind. If your Self Defense Abilities could be placed under a magnifying glass you may find accounts of confusion; surrounding and attempting to keep your Inner Defender at bay. ISAQCA Personal Self Defense Instructors are trained to facilitate your inner strengths and develop, hone and train your natural Self Defense Abilities releasing your Inner Defender from any and all intimidation



Predators Are My Prey


Personal Self Defense


Private Instruction

Home Invasion Can Happen To Anyone

The Stalker

Predators Select Their Victims 

Are You Trained

Release The Inner Defender

Fear Is Only A State Of Mind

Be Prepared 

Be Trained

                                  PREDATORS ARE MY PREY

The Importance of Proper Professional Training

Now Angela was not always able to defend herself. Angela started at a young age to prepare herself from the dangers that most believe; can and will happen to someone else; Not Me! 

Angela began with the basic fundamentals of Firearms!

 ...and Angela learned all there is to know about Firearms in a Safe & Friendly Training Course.


Personal Private Home Instruction TOTAL HOME DEFENSE Program


Citizens Tactical Unit


No Excuse for Failure to Train ~ No Substitute for Experience



   The above pictorial is demonstrating the Predator seeking out his victim and striking.

But this young lady is no victim. Angela has been trained to release her Inner Defender and takes possession of the offender’s .357 Magnum. Angela is not intimidated by the Predator’s Size or his Weapon because she has received training on what to do in such a situation.


   The ISAQCA Total Home Defense Training offers a full Home and Personal Needs Assessment. You chose what level of service you need.

  1. What type of gun should I buy
  2. What caliber gun is proper for Home Defense
  3. What type of locking system should I have for safe storage of my Firearm
  4. What kind of Firearms Training do I need
  5. Do I need a video surveillance / alarm system for my home


   ISAQCA Total Home Defense Training will guide you through the purchase of your firearm & ammunition to the proper handling. ISAQCA Personal Trainer will teach you in your home or our facility, the proper care and maintenance of your firearm. If you choose so, you will receive a full security evaluation of your home. The roll play training will teach you how to properly confront an intruder in your home and successfully defeat him. You will learn when to call 911 and why I know how calling 911 can get you killed, also how to properly carry and present your firearm during confrontation. You will learn Weapon Retention Techniques and also how and when to disarm an intruder in your own home.

   ISAQCA Personal Self Defense Instructors Specialize in teaching Modified Self Defense Techniques to individuals with physical challenges. EVERYONE Possesses the Ability to Defend Themselves from the Predator -No More Victims- 

Grandpa may be in a Wheelchair But his ISAQCA ***CTU*** Total Home Defense Training gives him the ability to defend Grandma; "The Love of His Life" from the Home Invading Predator!

And Grandma keeps her cool and exercises her Training while she dials 911  


***Classes for All Ages: Men & Women / Boys & Girls***

For more info & Special Discounts please call Tim at 309-944-7774 


·       Learn from Professional Instructors

·       Law Enforcement And Military 

·       The Basic Pistol Defense

·       Advance Pistol Defense

·       The Laws of Defense 

·       Pistol Retention

·       1x Workshops

·       Weekly or Monthly Practice Sessions


Citizens Tactical Unit


No Excuse for Failure to Train ~ No Substitute for Experience

For concealed carry contact 309-944-7774

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