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ISAQCA's ***CTU*** offering you a


on Official NRA Membership

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Current Pricing

NRA Recruiter Authorized Discount Pricing for On-the-Spot Membership Sign-ups:

One-Year ($40) - $30
Three-Year ($100) - $85
Five-Year ($140) - $100
Life ($1,500) - $1,000

+ PLUS +

 Join Today and Receive:

* 24/7 defense of your Second Amendment freedoms
* Official NRA members - only shooter's cap 
* Your choice of monthly NRA magazines (Premium Digital Editions now available)
* Membership card and decal
* Insurance for you and your guns
* Free Admission to NRA's Annual Show 
* Invitations to "Friends of NRA" dinners and other special events and more...

NO COST Entitlements Guaranteed to NRA Members Have Increased

As an NRA Member, your No Cost Benefits have increased by $1,500.00. But your Confirmation is REQUIRED in order to receive this benefit.


Monthly Rates For Expanded Accident Benefits Reserved For NRA Families

$2,500.00 NO COST ArmsCare Benefits:

Set up exclusively for NRA Members, ArmsCare gives you a safety net for your firearms. Your firearms are protected against theft (from your home or a locked portion of your vehicle) ... against loss (it could happen as quickly as an overturned duck boat) ... and against damage (from fire or flood for instance).

In addition, the NRA is pleased to announce that this exclusive No Cost NRA member benefit has recently increased from $1,000.00 to $2,500.00.

If you are an NRA member that has previously activated your $1,000.00 in ArmsCare, you will need to re-enroll online to activate this $1,500.00 coverage increase or else your coverage will remain at $1,000.00. This is required for all NRA members except those with Life status prior to 11/1/2010. Those who were lifetime NRA members prior to 11/1/2010 will receive this coverage increase automatically effective 11/1/2010. If you have not previously activated your No Cost Benfeits and would like to do so now, please click on the "Enroll Now" button and follow the enrollments steps. The increased coverage of $2,500 will be immediately activated at No Cost to you.

Of Course, no serial numbers are needed and you will not be asked to schedule any firearms.

$5,000.00 NO COST AD&D Member Only Benefit:

Your loved ones will receive a check for $5,000.00 ($10,000.00 for Life Members) if you suffer a fatal covered accident. There are no strings attached and you pay nothing for this benefit.

The NRA endorses this benefit to stand by your family with $5,000.00 cash benefits ($10,000.00 for Life Members) paid straight to your loved ones if you fall victim to a fatal hunting or shooting accident; suffer a fatal car accident on your way to or from an NRA event, are attacked and killed by an intruder in your home or at work, or fall victim to a violent crime such as an attempted robbery, hold-up or felony crime. ($25,000.00 is paid for NRA Law Enforcement Officers who suffer a fatal accident while in the line of duty.)




Expanded Accident Protection
Building A Stronger Safety Net
ON TOP Of Your No-Cost Benefits

Gun and hunting accidents are a reality for NRA Members.

But now you can reinforce your NO-COST NRA Accident privileges by adding a higher level of protection to cover even more types of accidents such as:

  • Driving to work or traveling for business
  • Taking a family vacation
  • Working on projects around home
  • And much more ... See Tim for details!!!
Frequently Asked Questions

How did I qualify for $7,500.00 in NO COST benefits?
As an NRA Member in good standing, you are automatically eligible for a special $5,000.00 Member Only Accident benefit ($10,000.00 for Life Members) PLUS an additional $2,500.00 ArmsCare benefit. These entitlements are paid on your behalf by the NRA as a special "thank you" for being a valued Member. You pay NOTHING.

How do I confirm these NO COST privileges?
Just complete the 100% secure online Confirmation Form. (Please give strong consideration to expanding your benefits at the same time.) Once your Confirmation is submitted, we?ll finalize your NO COST benefit file right away.

How does the EXPANDED accident benefit work with my NO COST NRA accident privileges?
NRA made sure your NO COST Accident privileges and your EXPANDED Accident coverage work together seamlessly ? giving you a solid financial safety net for your family. Your benefits will not be reduced as a result of any other insurance you may have from an employer or another group. Rest assured ? your loved ones would receive the full amount they?re entitled to if you fell victim to a covered accident.

Will I need to fill out a long form or get a physical from my doctor to sign up?
No. You can conveniently activate EXPANDED benefits at the same time you confirm your NO COST entitlements. Because these EXPANDED benefits are extended to you on a guaranteed basis, there is no long form with complicated health questions to worry about. No medical exam is required. Just fill out the short form on this website to activate your NO COST NRA entitlements and EXPANDED accident benefits today, After you Join the NRA.

Firearms Liability Insurance
Join Second Call Defense 

 Self-Defense Insurance protects National Rifle Association members who need extra protection not found in most homeowners' policies.

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