Indoor Range Training
Concealed Carry, Illinois

Citizens Tactical Unit Is A Proud Member of The NRA Business Alliance

Indoor Range 


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 Calibers Permitted







.357 Sig



.45 ACP

.45 GAP


No Hollow Points Permitted - Round Nose Ammunition Only!!! 

           Earn FREE Range Time

Concealed Carry, Illinois

Individual Range Time General Pricing


 Friends & Family Group Pricing 1hr sessions

                                           Range Fee   / With Instruction

 One Shooter............................$20.00    / $45.00      

 + 1 Friend/Family (10% off)       $18.00ea / $40.50ea                                                

 + 2 Friends/Family (20% off)      $16.00ea / $36.00ea                                                

Additional Fee has been added to "With Instruction" 

for Professional Tactical Firearm Drill Session Training

Live Fire Video Targets

Minimum Range Time Fee is up to one hour

~Ammo Prices Listed Below~


***Contact Tim for Special Pricing to Rent
         for Private Sessions
               Birthday Parties & Special Events***

$2.00  >Safety Eye wear
$5.00  >Electronic Ear Muffs
$5.00  >Belly Band Holster
$5.00  >Cleaning Kit
$25.00 >Firearms

BATF Licensed & Insured Re-Manufactured Ammo for use on our Indoor Range:
Box of 50rds
$17.00 >.380
$20.00 >.38spl
$20.00 > .357 Sig
$18.00 > 9mm
$20.00 >.40
$20.00 >.45
$20.00 > .45 GAP

United States Marine Lance Corporal Conner Hartman Practices Malfunction Drills
At Citizens Tactical Unit's - Indoor Range 
During LOA While He Recovers From Injury

Directions to Citizens Tactical Unit ~ Firearms Training Academy
Concealed Carry, Illinois
Concealed Carry, Illinois
Concealed Carry, Illinois