H.R. 218 Firearms Compliance Card ~  Confirmation

Example of the H.R. 218 Compliance Card

In addition to carrying the photographic identification issued by the agency for which they were employed or were separated, the qualified retired law enforcement officer must also carry documentation which certifies that they have met, within the most recent twelve month period, the active duty law enforcement standards for qualification for a firearm of the same type as the one they intend to carry. (This and this alone is what Citizens Tactical Unit ~ Firearms Training Academy's service provides. It is the individual Officer/Agent's responsibility to ensure they are in compliance with the Law.

NOTE: the H.R. 218 Compliance Card is NOT a Concealed Carry Firearms Permit - it only fulfills this section of the Law 

Back Side of the H.R. 218 Compliance Card

Exploded View

Law Enforcement Use For Validation 

Card Number & Expiration Date - LEO's Date of Birth =  Month/Day/Year

#2016.12.11-1 Expires on 11Dec2017 - 12/31/58

#2016.12.11-2 Expires on 11Dec2017 - 06/17/50

#2015.01.07-1 Expires on 07Jan2017  -  12/31/58

#2015.01.07-2 Expires on 19Jan2017  -  06/17/50

#2015.08.04     Expires on 04Aug2016 - 10/12/74

#2014.09.22-1 Expires on 10Oct2016 -  08/29/49