Concealed Carry is a very different environment; it is where your gun can become a False Sense of Security and brings the good guy one Word, one Moment, one Action from becoming the criminal; we posses great pride in providing our students with the proper training that you will survive the incident and be justified by the Court!!!


Concealed Carry Illinois, Chicago, Quad Cities, Moline, IL, Rock Island, IL, Rock Falls, IL, Peoria, IL. Davenport, IA.

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Concealed Carry, Illinois

Train To Stop The Threat & To Be Justified By The Court

Concealed Carry, Self Defense, USA, Vacation, Firearm Training,

NRA Certified
Illinois State Police Certified
Illinois Law Enforcement Training and Standards Board Certified
Illinois Dept. of Financial and Professional Regulations Registered 

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Citizens Tactical Unit has you fully covered during the most trying time of life - 

When you are forced to defend it! 

***CTU*** Will Prepare you in the selection of your firearm

***CTU*** Will Train you to be proficient in your selection of firearm

***CTU*** Will Educate you in firearms laws

***CTU*** Will be there for you when you need us the most

We have the Class to meet your Need!

* Law Enforcement:

         ~ Officers/Agents can advance above & beyond their Agencies Standards

         ~ Seeking to enter a Career in Law Enforcement? Gain the Advantage at CTU 

* Pre-Military to prepare & gain Advantage prior to Boot Camp

*Private Citizen's Concealed Carry

*Beginners; those who have never touched a firearm before

*From Target to Tactical / Mixed Martial Arts and Firearm Advantage

*Whether you are an Athlete or experiencing Physical Challenges

*Boys & Girls with parental supervision 

*Women & Men    

***There Is No Substitute For Experience***

Concealed Carry, Self Defense, USA, Vacation, Firearm Training,

Citizens Tactical Unit ~ Firearms Training Academy is a proud member of the NRA Business Alliance

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No Excuse for Failure to Train ~ No Substitute for Experience


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Are you seeking Private Lessons for yourself or family? Call Tim for details on visiting ***CTU*** for the day, weekend or the entire week of Professional Firearms Training!!! 

***Make it a Family Vacation*** Close Camping, Nice Hotels, Excellent Dining, and a Host of After Class Activities!!!     Contact Tim Click Here X

NOTE: Our classes will be no more than 6 students for a Great Learning Experience!!! 

What I respect from a perspective student is simple: A Humble Desire to Learn!!! You have my promise I will meet your needs as a student in the best timely manner as possible and you will have a sense of security and pride that you were Professionally Trained by Citizens Tactical Unit~Firearms Training Academy!!!  


  Other than tagging along with her brother and father on an occasional "boy's day out" and being allowed to take a trivial shot; Judy Kay Hanson has never handled a firearm. Two weeks prior to this video, now at the tender age of 68yrs, Judy experienced her first true exposure to hand guns.  Judy acted upon her desire to have the means to protect herself in her home and anywhere else she may be and participated in the NRA Pistol Series Training.

  Judy is now applying her new skills to the Advanced Practical  ***CTU***  Training. In the video Judy is practicing coordinating some of the Performance Skills that she is to be graded on:

  • Turn and Present the Firearm
  • Always Point the Firearm in a Safe Direction
  • Keeping her FINGER OFF THE TRIGGER until Ready To Shoot
  • Threat Assessment 
  • Trigger Control/Staging the Trigger
  • Maintaining Sight Alignment/Sight Picture 
  • Giving Commands
  • Forward Walking/Presenting/Firing
  • Scanning & Assessing
  • Sidestepping/Forward & Back-Stepping on Rough Terrain
  • Use of Cover/Concealment
  • Magazine Exchange
  • Re-holstering/Presenting 
  • Stress Management "CRISES": of a scenario of moving through a group of hostiles to get to safety. 
  • And of course Hitting the Target 

Armed with a Glock mod 23 Gen 4 /.40cal.

Judy is Dancing to a New Beat!  


 ~ Citizens Tactical Unit Firearms Training Academy ~ 


    Matthew Pinkelton is a Firearms Instructor's dream student. A well balance of Agility, Strength and Maturity; who is willing, able and ready to be molded into a Law Abiding Self-Defense Weapon!

    Citizens trained by ***CTU*** are "NO ORDINARY CITIZENS"
    ~Crises Trained~

What do you do after you call the Police when the Bad Guy breaks in your home?

A. Wait for the Police to take your report when the Doctor says you are stable to talk -

B. Quickly spruce yourself up so you look good on your security camera when the Police Gang Unit reviews your security video for evidence -

C. Offer Cookies to the Bad Guy while you both wait for the Police to arrive -

D. Advise the Police when they arrive that you have

the right to remain silent,

Then contact Second Call Defense

and give thanks to God that you

invested in Firearms Training.

You and Your Family are Safe!




Did you see the Pistol in the man's right hand - he drew a Hand Gun as he put the Rifle Down. (referring to the video above "Now in this Real Life Situation what do you see?") The Value Of Training!!!




Firearms Liability Insurance 





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Training From Youth...
..To Elderly


*Classes for All Ages / Men & Women / Boys & Girls*

*Special Needs Student Classes Available*

*Range, Ammo & Guns Available*

*Federal Firearm Licensee* 

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 Where Bad Shooters become Good


Good Shooters become Better!!!





In The Beginning There Was Gun 

NBC News 6 Comment on Women & Guns

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