Citizens Tactical Unit

Citizens Tactical Unit are members of the community; concerned fathers, mothers, sons and daughters that have united not out of fear but have united out of common concern for each other. We have and are preparing ourselves to serve others in the time of need. Technology has advanced us so far that we are crippled without it. Therefore; we teach each other the basics. From mitigating sewage, to water purification, gardening, canning, food storage, hunting, cooking, and of course "We, the members of Citizens Tactical Unit, as citizens of the United States of America and inheritors of this Nation, Under God, by the sacrifices of the Forefathers, shall stand and protect the Constitution of the United States of America from enemies Foreign and or Domestic. We vow to serve and support our communities to educate and train our fellow citizens in the Constitutional Lawful Manners that shall keep and maintain “We the People” a Free and God Fearing Nation." and for those who believe in this I am Honored to serve by their side.

We seek solid members of our communities; who have knowledge and those who desire knowledge. We do not market upon fear or bash our government, rather we will support our government as they stand in support of the Constitutions of our state and of the United States of America. We oppose those who run hidden agendas and act out with the aggression of anger rooted in radical and racial hatred. We recite the Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag of the United States of America and we say our prayers with and for All denominations. We are the children of the Forefathers teaching our children that the United States of America will stand as a Free Nation for the People - by the People - under God.

Citizens Tactical Unit

TJ Barton


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