Concealed Carry taught with a Unique Perspective from the Tactical Advantage

Concealed Carry Illinois, Chicago, Quad Cities, Moline, IL, Rock Island, IL, Rock Falls, IL. Peoria, IL. Davenport, IA.

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Train To Stop The Threat & To Be Justified By The Court

Receive Professional Training to Qualify 
for Multiple  
Concealed Carry License Permits 

Any State That Recognizes Training From The 
NRA - National Rifle Association - NRA

C The Financially Assisted Concealed Carry Qualification Class
 Sliding Scale: I do not want anyone to carry without Professional Training                            (Cash Flow Concerns Call Tim 309.944.7774) 

$$$ Group Rates are available for those who take the Full 16hr $$$

Citizens Tactical Concealed Carry Qualification Class and bring someone with:

1 Student is $460.00 

2 Students   $435.00 each

3 Students   $410.00 each

4 Students   $385.00 each

5 Students   $360.00 each

6 Students   $335.00 each


*Price includes:
*Indoor Tactical Range Fees
*Training for the Illinois, Utah & Florida Permits
      + any other State that accepts NRA Certified Training
*Eye & Ear Protection rental
*Laser Training Cartridge Rental
*Ammunition: .380; 9mm; .38; .357Sig: .40; .45ACP: .45GAP

Class Size = 1 to 6 Students

True Learning Environment


Invest in yourself today: You are your Families First Line of Defense!!!




Citizens Tactical Unit's Training Shall Stand By Your Side

during the most trying time of life

                 When you are forced to defend it! 

Other Training $25.00hr + Applicable Range Fee & Ammo

_ B.U.G.

_ Team Ops

_ Ladies Only

_ Car Jackings

_ Multiple Threat

_ Force on Force

_ Home Invasion

_ Tactical Reload 

_ Clearing Rooms

_ Child Abduction

_ Child Protection

_ Police Interaction

_ Low Light Tactics

_ The Off Duty LEO

_ Moving with Firearm

_ Either Hand Shooting

_ Tactical Malfunctions 

_ Active Threat/Shooter

_ Tactical Elbow & Breakaways

_ Weapon Retention Advanced Strike

_ Security Analysis Of Your Residence _ In Home Private Lessons

Special Note: Due to multiple request; to all of our Clients whom have taken our Concealed Carry License Course and have received their Concealed Cary Permit can now join in and participate in the CCL Course again as a refresher at the reduced cost of:
$120.00  day One / 
$140.00 day Two  or 
$250.00 for both days!!! 
*Price includes:
*Indoor Tactical Range Fees 
*Eye & Ear Protection rental
*Ammunition: .380; 9mm; .38; .40; .45

"If We Are Not Trained To Respond To A Particular Situation

We Will React In A Most Regretful Manor"


Concealed Carry Illinois, Chicago, Quad Cities, Moline, IL, Rock Island, IL, Rock Falls, IL. Peoria, IL. Davenport, IA.

Six points to consider about you Concealed Carry Firearm 

1. Comfortable

2. Concealable

3. Confidence

4. Capacity

5. Control

6. Caliber

Citizens Tactical Unit ~ Firearms Training Academy is here for you!!!

"Train Like You Own It"

                                                                              ~ Barton ~

We cannot call the Police every time a Mouse Farts in the House - Sometimes we must clear the room ourselves 

~Learn How~

Anti Car Jacking

Sponsored by

.45 Cal 

When you Train with ***CTU***
You are Covered from 
ALL Directions


When They Come Uninvited 

This Lady Has Enough For All

Multiple Threats

Nap Time Over?

Home Invasion


Our Laws Are Not Written In Stone
Learn How To Interact With The Police


The Law Has A Provision That Allows Us To 

Protect The Precious 

~ Learn How ~

Classes for Men & Women ~ Boys & Girls 

Any Time Any Where

Training Our Children 


Protect   Themselves 

Will   Never   Be   In   Vain

Invest In Our Children's

So They May Have A
~ Future ~

First Door On The Left

Train In Moving With Your Firearm

Knock Knock - Who's There - Reason - Reason Who - Give Me A Reason 

Shoot Live Fire On The CTU Video Scenario Targets 

Learn How To Out Draw Mr. Beck!!!

Concealed Carry Illinois, Chicago, Quad Cities, Moline, IL, Rock Island, IL, Rock Falls, IL. Peoria, IL. Davenport, IA.

In The News

Citizens Tactical Unit ~ Firearms Training Academy has you fully covered during the most trying time of life - 

                 When you are forced to defend it!

Concealed Carry Illinois, Chicago, Quad Cities, Moline, IL, Rock Island, IL, Rock Falls, IL. Peoria, IL. Davenport, IA.

"I thought I knew a little bit about guns, gun safety, and the law regarding guns. But I was awakened to a plethora of information that I believe, no one thinks about or even imagines. You also must know your weapon, know its operation and its faults. Not all weapons are user friendly. You must match the weapon to its use scenario. This is extremely important. Take my word. I learned this first hand. Tim taught us above and beyond the guidelines required by law. Tim is a professional with experience that only enhances your participation in furthering your education on all aspects of the gun owners world. Tim's curriculum is top notch. I highly recommend Tim as an instructor. This is a quality instruction course on guns, gun safety and the law. Thank you Tim for your service, all around!"
Brian Jones
American Constitutional Patriot and Veteran

"I thoroughly enjoyed my class. It was very informative and to the point, a no frills learning experience. I was very impressed with having several different age groups, hearing impaired and experienced people in my class and Tim did everything he needed to do to make it a great experience for them. I feel that the training was tough, to the point, very serious and no shortcuts....everything I wanted my experience to be. I enjoyed it enough that I cannot wait to learn more and more through continued training in the near future. Thank You."
Rod Peterson
Concealed Carry Student

As a retired military I could have been exempt from the firearms handling portion but after a friend explained what Tim was training I opted to attend with my wife and friend. This is an AWESOME class, Tim does an outstanding job teaching you tactics that will not only protect your life but your rights and keep you legally on the right track. Having been a shooter almost 50 years this class put a whole new perspective on what you are doing in a CCW situation. Can't say enough good about the class!!!!
IL Concealed Carry Student

"I thought I knew something about safe handling of a firearm. I was mistaken. This class was a real eye opener for me. Not just in safety, but, a great education in the importance of training in general. I would highly recommend this class to anyone, regardless of whether they wish to carry concealed or not."
Jim Marando
American Citizen

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 ILLINOIS Concealed Carry Firearm 

Class Exemptions & Credited Courses

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Concealed Carry Illinois, Chicago, Quad Cities, Moline, IL, Rock Island, IL, Rock Falls, IL. Peoria, IL. Davenport, IA.


 ISAQCA's ***CTU***  offering you a $10.00 - $250.00  Discount 

on Official NRA Memberships


Citizens Tactical Unit


No Excuse for Failure to Train ~ No Substitute for Experience



   Firearms Instructors are not created equal

$$$ Compare the Value $$$


***CCW Classes for Men & Women***


For more info & Special Discounts please call Tim at 309-944-7774

Contact ISAQCA & join with the ***CTU*** and become Protected!

· Learn from Professional Instructors

· Law Enforcement and Military

· The Basics Pistol Defense

· Advance Pistol Defense

· The Laws of Defense

· Pistol Presentation

· Pistol Retention

· 1x Workshops

· Weekly or Monthly Practice Sessions

· NRA Certified Courses +

Citizens Tactical Unit


 Learn at your own pace - Choose your needs:

  • What caliber / type gun do I need for Self Defense
  • How do bullets work
  • How to maintain my firearm
  • How to secure my firearm
  • How to carry my firearm
  • How to present my firearm for protection
  • How to shoot my firearm
  • Why can calling 911 could get me killed
  • What are the Laws & how they apply to me
  • Practice the Basics / Learn the Advance!!! 
Nothing can compensate for
Failure to Train!!!

***CTU*** offers the NRA Certified Class


required training to qualify for

Concealed Carry Weapons Permits for

ILLINOIS, Iowa, Wisconsin, Florida & Utah


*FOID Application FREE -or- We will prepare your FOID application for process for you! Includes Review, Photo, Envelope and Stamp $15.00 fee (State Police $10.00 fee Not Included)

*Municipal Ordinances Relating To Firearms

*(720 ILCS 5/Art. 24) Deadly Weapons


*Firearm Projectiles Prohibited by Illinois State Law

*Acquiring or Transferring Firearms in Illinois    


State Gun Laws & Concealed Carry Permit Reciprocity Maps

*** From the NRA


·       Iowa                                                                          

·       Wisconsin                                                                  


for Multi State carry:

·       Non Resident Florida Concealed Weapons Permit and carry in 34 states noted below:

It is important for license holders to understand that when they are traveling in or through another state they are subject to the firearm laws of that state. We have provided links to the state laws or to the licensing authorities' Web page of each of the reciprocity states so that licensees can do the necessary planning and research when preparing to travel.


QUESTION 4.  I have a Florida Concealed Weapon/Firearm License, but I am not a legal resident of Florida. Can I travel to the states that recognize Florida licenses and still carry a concealed weapon?

Most of the reciprocity states will honor Florida non-resident permits; however, authorities in a number of states have informed us that there are specific provisions in their laws that restrict the terms of their mutual recognition agreements ONLY to the LICENSED RESIDENTS of other states. Therefore, those individuals who hold Florida licenses but who are not residents of Florida cannot carry concealed weapons in these states. Please take careful note of those states listed above that have a reference to Footnote 4 after them.

BE ADVISED: Because gun laws are subject to change or different interpretation by state courts, we recommend that non-resident Florida licensees call or write licensing authorities in the states in which they will be traveling to obtain the latest information on this important topic.

Concealed Carry Illinois, Chicago, Quad Cities, Moline, IL, Rock Island, IL, Rock Falls, IL. Peoria, IL. Davenport, IA.

 For concealed carry contact 309-944-7774

"If we are not trained to respond to a particular situation we will react in a most regretful manner"


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    Concealed Carry Firearms Student
  • "Learned a lot of thinks i never knew about safety "
    Concealed Carry Firearms Student
  • "Tim is an Excellent Instructor, very knowledgeable and experienced"
    NRA Pistol Student