Quotes AWESOME! Quotes
Gina Darling
IL Concealed Carry Student

Quotes I found the Concealed & Carry Course to be very practical & informative. The instruction was very comprehensive. Strong coverage of the law, safety and weapon operation. it was a enjoyable experience & I learned a lot. Quotes
Wade F Prosser
IL Concealed Carry Student

Quotes The Classroom portion of the Training was interesting and informative. The instructor did a good job explaining the Law & how it applied to you in various situations. The shooting portion of the training was extremely interesting, Firing from various distances and stances. By the time we took the test I felt Completely at ease and confident I could pass easily. Quotes
Jack R. Laramore
IL Concealed Carry Student

Quotes The concealed carry weapons course taught by Tim Barton is an excellent comprehensive course on firearms, a thorough class on firearm safety and based on his experience in law enforcement a thorough explanation of the laws on concealed carry and self defense rights. This is a class that will prepare you for the responsibilities of carrying a firearm as well as the skills to use it. Quotes
John Moran
Concealed Carry Student

Quotes I could not be happier with the training I received from Tim. The format of the Class was enjoyable because it was a nice mixture of videos and slides. I also benefited from the real-life examples he drew from all of his experience with law enforcement. The best value from this course was the range-time. I am at the beginner level when it comes to handguns. I could not believe how much my shooting accuracy improved in just 50 rounds. Tim is an expert instructor. Quotes
Jesse Edlefson
Concealed Carry Student

Quotes I thought I knew a little bit about guns, gun safety, and the law regarding guns. But I was awakened to a plethora of information that I believe, no one thinks about or even imagines. You also must know your weapon, know its operation and its faults. Not all weapons are user friendly. You must match the weapon to its use scenario. This is extremely important. Take my word. I learned this first hand. Tim taught us above and beyond the guidelines required by law. Tim is a professional with experience that only enhances your participation in furthering your education on all aspects of the gun owners world. Tim's curriculum is top notch. I highly recommend Tim as an instructor. This is a quality instruction course on guns, gun safety and the law. Thank you Tim for your service, all around ! Quotes
Brian Jones
American Constitutional Patriot and Veteran

Quotes I just finished the first offered Illinois CCF class offered by ISAQCA in Geneseo Illinois. WOW, excellent class and very well taught. This just wasn't a "Target Shooting Class". With Tim Barton's 28 years experience in law enforcement he gave the class actual scenarios that you could more than likely have to experience as a legal concealed carry person. I would highly recommend this class to everyone who wants to obtained certification for Illinois CCF permit. The indoor range is wonderful with no smoke and no bugs. Tim has done a great job with his indoor range. Very, very nice. Check it out. Again, Thanks Tim Barton you did a great job with the class. Retired Fire Chief - Ron U. Quotes
Ron Unangst
Very Satisfied CCF class attendee

Quotes I thought I knew something about safe handling of a firearm. I was mistaken. This class was a real eye opener for me. Not just in safety, but, a great education in the importance of training in general. I would highly recommend this class to anyone, regardless of whether they wish to carry concealed or not. Quotes
Jim Marando
American Citizen

Quotes Being a hearing impaired person I was concerned about taking a CCF class with a group. I'm so glad I found Mr. Barton, he let me take a private class and had patience with me. He is very Knowledgeable and I learned so much. Without his guidance I would not have completed this class. Quotes
Cindy Avey
IL Concealed Carry Student

Quotes This course gave me a better understanding of the function and operation of firearms 5 stars ***** Quotes
NRA Pistol Student
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