Quotes I wish to take this opportunity and express my sincere gratitude for the faith so many have entrusted in me to assist in the resolution of their concerns. Quotes

Quotes I just spent 21/2 hours of advanced concealed carry training with Tim Barton. This training session was with video taped actual live type scenarios that a CCP person could/would likely encounter. Tim critiques you on using ALL the skill sets taught in his CCP classes. In my past I belonged to IDPA which is combat shooting. Tim's video shooting is about as close as one can come to real life defensive shooting. I highly recommend this training to everyone that has their CC permit. Quotes
Ron Unangst
Retired Deputy Fire Chief

Quotes As a retired military I could have been exempt from the firearms handling portion but after a friend explained what Tim was training I opted to attend with my wife and friend. This is an AWESOME class, Tim does an outstanding job teaching you tactics that will not only protect your life but your rights and keep you legally on the right track. Having been a shooter almost 50 years this class put a whole new perspective on what you are doing in a CCW situation. Can't say enough good about the class!!!! Quotes
IL Concealed Carry Student

Quotes I have done business with Tim and expected a lot from his class. He surpassed my expectations. I'm a FFL and talk to a lot of people giving and taking classes. Tim covered both the legal and practical issues as well as anyone I've talked to. I've never been able to tech my wife to shoot well but Tim with his background and skills figured out what was the issue was and helped her. That was worth taking the class all by it's self. With his indoor range he can teach things that most can't. He also took as much time as it took for each individual. This is as good of a class for experienced or novice shooters as you can find. Quotes
Jim Larson

Quotes My wife and I not only learned a great deal, but also thoroughly enjoyed Tim's teaching at Citizens Tactical Unit. Tim's experience and knowledge were evident and it was presented in a way that not only qualified us for concealed carry , but also reminded us of the huge responsibilities. I highly recommend Tim as a teacher and advocate for our rights. Quotes
Darrell Reiling
IL. Concealed Carry Student

Quotes I would recommend this class to everyone. I grew up with guns. My dad taught me how to shoot and hunt. I learned more in 16 hours of training in this class than I knowing my whole life. This has been life changing. Quotes
Pamela Reiling
IL. Concealed Carry Student

Quotes I learned more than any other firearm classes ever taught me! Very Educational and high quality of Leadership! Professional and respectful instruction! Quotes
Duane Anderson
IL. Concealed Carry Student

Quotes This Class was a wonderful experience! TAKE THIS CLASS! You will learn more than you ever thought you could! Lots of hands on firearms experience and advise! Very Supportive Instruction! Quotes
Laurel Hodge
IL. Concealed Carry Student

Quotes Anyone completing this class will walk away with the personal satisfaction that they have accomplished more than they expected. Quotes
Jerry Westefer
IL. Concealed Carry Student

Quotes I thouroughly enjoyed my class. It was very informative and to the point, a no frills learning experience. I was very impressed with having several different age groups, hearing impaired and experienced people in my class and Tim did everything he needed to do to make it a great experience for them. I feel that the training was tough, to the point, very serious and no shortcuts....everything I wanted my experience to be. I enjoyed it enough that I cannot wait to learn more and more through continued training in the near future. Thank You. Quotes
Rod Peterson
Concealed Carry Student
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