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No Excuse for Failure to Train ~ No Substitute for Experience


Merry Christmas,

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   Whatever the Gift Giving occasion is you can now give the unique Gift of Safety!!!   ISAQCA's ***CTU*** 8hrs of Life Saving Firearm Training!!!

      Gift Certificates are offered in $25.00 an Hour Increments

      Purchasing a Gift Certificate is easy, Simply click on the Featured Product to your right. Complete your purchase. Your Gift Certificate will be e-mailed promptly back to you. Simply print it out, place it into an envelope and Give the Gift of Safety.  


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"If we are not trained to respond to a particular situation we will react in a most regretful manner"


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  • "The class was very informative & Tim was a very good instructor and I learned a lot it was overall a very good course "
    Concealed Carry Firearms Student
  • "Very interesting. Liked the different situations on when and when not to use your weapon"
    Concealed Carry Firearms Student
  • "AWESOME!"
    Gina Darling
    IL Concealed Carry Student

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